2% increase in the share price of the SCPI CORUM Eurion

On the 30th January 2020, CORUM complemented its real estate savings offer by launching the SCPI CORUM Eurion, a European open-ended SCPI. Today, after a little less than 18 months of existence, CORUM is announcing a 2% increase in the share price of the CORUM Eurion SCPI effective from the 1st of July 2021, from €200 to €204 including subscription fees and commissions.

This increase in the share price reflects the quality of CORUM Eurion’s investments and the increase in value of the SCPI’s real estate assets. It demonstrates CORUM’s desire to bring the value of the share as close as possible to the appraised value of the assets. The increase in the share price is thus the concrete expression for the shareholders of the increase in the assets of the CORUM Eurion SCPI, and therefore of their own.


A strategy based on identifying market opportunities

The increase in the share price of the CORUM Eurion SCPI is the result of the dynamic strategy implemented by CORUM’s investment and management teams, as well as their ability to take advantage of the new market conditions linked to the COVID-19 crisis. The teams, based in 7 countries in Europe, have analyzed market cycles in order to identify buying and selling opportunities in each country or real estate sector. Thanks to CORUM Eurion’s investment capacity, notably due to sustained fundraising since its launch, they have been able to seize them quickly.

Overall, market conditions have become more favorable this past year: real estate prices have fallen in several sectors, some buyers have experienced difficulties in financing their projects – which has enabled the acquisition of office or retail buildings under favorable conditions. Occupied by leading tenants such as Google or Aldi supermarkets, recognized for their solidity and economic performance, these high-quality buildings located in Ireland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, or Latvia reflect CORUM Eurion’s ability to select suitable investments in line with its strategy throughout the Eurozone.

This increase in the share price therefore illustrates CORUM’s desire to offer its shareholders:

  • A lasting assessment of CORUM Eurion’s assets
  • A share price that is as close as possible to the appraised value of the buildings that make up CORUM Eurion’s assets
  • Fairness between historical and new shareholders: each shareholder subscribes at a share price that reflects the value of the SCPI’s assets on the subscription date.


A higher share price and an annual performance target that remains unchanged

The subscription price of a share of CORUM Eurion has been increased by 2% on July 1, 2021, from €200 to €204 including subscription fees and commissions. In practical terms, this means that the assets of more than 4,500 investors, who have saved, in total, more than €150 million, will appreciate by 2%.

Thanks to the expertise of the management teams and the control of the entire value chain, from investment to property management, CORUM Eurion’s annual performance target of 4.5% remains unchanged (annual DVM* performance target of 4.5% and 10-year IRR** target of 4.5%, net of subscription and management fees, not guaranteed). In 2020, CORUM Eurion’s performance was 10.40%*.

According to Frédéric Puzin, « the increase in CORUM Eurion’s share price is an illustration of CORUM’s know-how and expertise. Throughout the Eurozone, we know how to identify opportunities to buy buildings at the best price and rent them to reliable tenants with a long-term commitment. This mission has been more than fulfilled and it was only natural that we should pass on the benefits to the investors who have been with us since January 2020 by revaluing the share price, i.e. their assets directly. This is part of the trust contract that binds us to them », explains the founder of CORUM L’Épargne.

The CORUM Eurion SCPI offers investors the same innovations and services as the other SCPIs in the CORUM L’Épargne range: real estate savings plan (from €50 per month after the initial purchase of one SCPI share), dismemberment acquisition, reinvestment of potential monthly dividends. In addition, property management is carried out 100% in-house: investments, management and disposals are carried out by our internal teams, without recourse to external asset managers.


Key figures as of 31st March 2021:

  • 4,469 shareholders.
  • Nearly 150 million in savings
  • Financial occupancy rate: 100 %
  • 7 buildings with a total surface area of 33,500 m2
  • 15 tenants with a residual lease term (average length of time tenants are committed to paying rent) of 7.18 years


* Yield or distribution rate (DVM): distribution rate on market value, defined as the gross dividend, before French and foreign deductions, paid in respect of year n (including exceptional interim dividends and the share of capital gains distributed divided by the average purchase price of the unit in year n). This indicator measures the annual financial performance of SCPIs.


** Internal rate of return (IRR): measures the profitability of the investment over a given period. It takes into account changes in the value of the share and dividends distributed over the period, as well as the subscription and management fees paid by the investor.


The products marketed by CORUM L’Épargne are long-term investments that offer no guarantee of return or performance and present a risk of capital loss and liquidity. Income is not guaranteed and will depend on the evolution of the real estate and financial markets as well as currency exchange rates. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


CORUM L’Épargne, SAS with share capital of €100,000, RCS Paris No. 851 245 183, registered office located at 1 rue Euler 75008 Paris, registered with the ORIAS under the number 20002932 (www.orias. fr) in its capacity as a financial investment advisor, member of the CNCIF, a chamber approved by the AMF, as a banking and payment services agent, as an insurance intermediary agent and as a general insurance agent under the supervision of the ACPR, 4, place de Budapest CS 92459 75436 Paris Cedex 9. It distributes the SCPI CORUM Eurion, SCPI visa no. 20-04 dated 21st January 2020, managed by CORUM Asset Management, a portfolio management company, SAS with a share capital of €600,000, RCS Paris no. 531 636 546, head office located at 1 rue Euler 75008 Paris, approved by the AMF on 14th April 2011 under the number GP-11000012 and under the regime of the AIFM directive 2011/61/UE.