The CORUM BUTLER group brings together a team of multidisciplinary professionals

The CORUM BUTLER group is an independent European asset manager . We specialize in two areas; High Yield credit management and real estate investment. The capital managed by CORUM Asset Management and Butler Invesment Managers represents, combined, over +7 billion euros.

The group also has its own insurance company, CORUM Life.

CORUM Butler brings together more than 250 employees, based in Paris, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Singapore, Lisbon and Vienna.

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Bond Funds

Our expertise in High Yield Bond Funds

Our team of European High Yield corporate bond investment specialists has achieved strong returns for more than 10 years.

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Real Estate Funds

Our expertise in Real Estate Funds

For almost 10 years, our European real estate funds have consistently achieved their return targets (not guaranteed).

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Our Life Insurance Company 

CORUM Life is a life insurance contract composed exclusively of products managed by our management companies.

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The products marketed by the CORUM Butler group are investments that offer no guarantee of return or performance. These investments present a risk of loss of capital and their liquidity may be limited. Income is not guaranteed and depends on developments in the real estate, financial and/or exchange rates. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.