CORUM Asset Management

Our unique expertise in Real Estate Management.

Since 2011, we have invested directly in more than 16 European countries. Our investment strategy is to use real estate cycles rather than being subjected to them, by identifying countries whose real estate assets remain undervalued. 

We also manage all of these buildings directly, without an intermediary. Our asset management and property management teams serve more than 300 tenants. 

Key Figures

Funds under management




Assets under Management (AUM)

over €6 billion

Founded in 2011, CORUM Asset Management is a 100% independent asset management company, which manages more than 6 billion euro of real estate assets spread across several funds. Corum Asset Management is authorized and regulated in France by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF – n ° GP11000012). CORUM Asset Management is the management company of the CORUM Origin, CORUM XL and CORUM EURION Real Estate Funds.

Contact Information

1 rue Euler – 75008 Paris, France

+ 33 1 88 88 18 81

Logo CORUM Origin

Launched in 2012, CORUM Origin is the 1st SCPI to have invested in all the euro zone countries.

7.03 % Yield ** 2021

6.60 % Internal Rate of Return *** over 5 years


Launched in 2017, CORUM XL invests in both in the euro zone and beyond.

5.84 % Yield ** 2021

10 % objective Internal Rate of Return *** at 10 years (not guaranteed)

Launched in 2020, the latest of our SCPIs, CORUM Eurion invests throughout the euro zone.

6.12 % Yield ** 2021

4.50 % target Internal Rate of Return *** at 10 years (not guaranteed)



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