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CORUM Asset Management’s SCPIs

We manage SCPIs with complementary investment strategies. Our three SCPIs are diversified both in terms of asset types (offices, shops, hotels, healthcare, logistics, etc.) and in terms of the geographical areas in which they are situated. This opportunistic investment philosophy has to led to our SCPIs being the first to be invested outside France and throughout Europe.

Logo CORUM Origin

Launched in 2012, CORUM Origin is the 1st SCPI to have invested in all the euro zone countries.

7.03 % Yield ** 2021

6.60 % Internal Rate of Return *** over 5 years


Launched in 2017, CORUM XL invests in both in the euro zone and beyond.

5.84 % Yield ** 2021

10 % objective Internal Rate of Return *** at 10 years (not guaranteed)

Launched in 2020, the latest of our SCPIs, CORUM Eurion invests throughout the euro zone.

6.12 % Yield ** 2021

4.50 % target Internal Rate of Return *** at 10 years (not guaranteed)

* Real estate assets of our three SCPIs, CORUM Origin, CORUM XL and EURION. 

** Rate of return (DVM): Market Value Distribution Rate, defined as the gross dividend, before French and foreign deductions, paid in respect of year N (including exceptional down payments and share of surplus distributed values), divided by the purchase price on 1st January of year N of the unit. 

*** Internal rate of return (IRR): Measures the profitability of the investment over a given period. It takes into account the evolution of the unit value and the dividends distributed over the period. 

CORUM Origin, CORUM XL and EURION are SCPI managed by CORUM Asset Management 

CORUM Origin visa SCPI n ° 12-17 of the AMF of 24/07/2012.  

CORUM XL, visa SCPI n ° 19-10 of the AMF of 28/05/2019.  

EURION, visa n ° 20-04 of the AMF of 01/21/2020. 

By purchasing shares in CORUM Origin, CORUM XL or CORUM EURION, you are investing in the real estate market. As with any real estate investment it is a long term investment with limited liquidity. The recommended investment horizon is 10 years. There is a risk of capital loss. In addition, investment income cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the prevailing conditions in the real estate market. CORUM Asset Management does not guarantee that you will be able to redeem your shares. Lastly, as with any investment, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. We recommend that you make sure that this investment is suitable for your financial situation.